We're working to end world hunger.

Supporting Communities in Need

The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation is dedicated to alleviating world hunger. The Foundation pursues that mission through strategic partnerships with organizations that have programs aligned with hunger relief, nutrition support and self-sustaining food sources.

We commit to provide 1.5 billion meals to people in need by 2025.

Kraft Heinz employees from all corners of the world have passionately joined the Foundation through volunteer efforts towards our goals, highlighting the critical nature and immediacy of our work in alleviating world hunger.

We are proud of the progress we’ve made upon our original goal to deliver 1 billion nutritious meals to those in need by 2021. At the end of 2019, through a combination of financial support and product donations, we have delivered roughly 538 million meals to those in need since 2016. We are taking aggressive steps to achieve this goal in the two years that remain.

With a refined focus we can have an even greater impact, enabling us to proudly announce that we are expanding our ambition to provide 1.5 billion nutritious meals to people in need by 2025 – cementing our dedication to hunger relief for an additional 4 years.


Ending World Hunger

Ending world hunger through food security and food self-sufficiency.

Culture of Volunteerism

A culture of volunteerism instilled in employees globally through meal packaging events and vision trips.

Building Communities

Building communities acting in positive and responsible ways where we live and work.

We have aligned our current key partners with our three pillars:

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Since 2013, 15.2 million meals were packaged by KHC employees or KHC sponsored events.

Rise Against Hunger

The Kraft Heinz Foundation has been a partner of Rise Against Hunger (RAH) since 2013. Originating from the desire to provide nutritious and efficient meals to those facing hunger across the world, Kraft Heinz employees designed and facilitated the partnership to produce the micronutrient sachets that are now included in every Rise Against Hunger meal pack. With the development of this program, we have become RAH’s largest partner. They have helped us deliver our micronutrients sachets to hungry children and families all around the world and continue to provide for more people every year.

In 2019, RAH produced 78.2 million meals (an increase from 74.2 million meals in 2018), all of which contained the micronutrient sachets.

Since 2013:

  • 15.2 million meals were packaged by KHC employees or KHC sponsored events
  • 214 events globally
  • 394 million meals were fortified by KHC and The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation
  • 30-40 (32 on average annually) countries covered
  • Kraft Heinz fortified meals (micronutrient sachets) have fed 5,526,555 people
  • In 2019, RAH produced 78.2 million meals (74.2 million meals in 2018, 72.1 million meals in 2017), all of which contained the micronutrient sachets
  • In 2019 alone, KH employees packaged 3.6 million meals, in 53 meal-packaging events

Making an Impact Together

“The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation’s partnership has been truly transformational in Rise Against Hunger’s efforts to end world hunger! Since 2013, not only have 43,500 Kraft Heinz employees packaged 15.2 million nutritious meals for children and families facing hunger around the world, but Kraft Heinz also has provided micronutrient sachets that have fortified over 394 million Rise Against Hunger meals. These sachets, containing 18 essential vitamins and minerals, have nourished millions of lives, supported healthy growth and development for the people we serve across the globe and helped them reach their full potential.”

— Barry Mattson, CEO, Rise Against Hunger

Kraft Heinz provides technical and nutrition advice on micronutrients composition, label compliance, and packaging, along with financial support for all Rise Against Hunger micronutrient sachets that fortify the meals delivered globally.

Micronutrient Campaign

The Kraft Heinz Micronutrient Campaign, established in 2001, aims to use the skills and compassion of our employees to develop a nutritional supplement to promote healthy growth and development of those in hunger in developing regions around the world.

Understanding that nutrition and food are pivotal in the growth and success of a child, and especially significant for malnourished children across the globe, Kraft Heinz created this micronutrient sachet with essential vitamins and minerals, to be mixed in with more readily available food without all these benefits.

Our Meal Ambassadors visit the Philippines
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Meal Ambassadors

For those of us at Kraft Heinz, it’s a point of pride to know the company’s food and beverages are prepared, served and enjoyed in millions of consumers’ homes across the globe. We’re equally as proud about helping to feed the world through the micronutrient-enhanced meals our employees gather to pack at Conventions and Town Hall meetings – meals that are shipped to developing countries in partnership with Rise Against Hunger.

After many years of successful meal packaging events, we wanted to give employees the opportunity to see where the meals went and share that moment with the recipients. With that in mind, we launched the Kraft Heinz Meal Ambassador program where annually employees from around the world are selected from hundreds of nominations to travel to see the meals in action. We called these “Impact Trips,” as they gave this group a firsthand look at how the rice, soy, vegetables and Kraft Heinz micronutrients our employees scoop into bags at meal-packaging events, have a transformational impact on the people whose health and well-being depend on them.

These Meal Ambassadors -- who came from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, the Netherlands, China and Australia -- along with some of our Kraft Heinz Company Foundation Board members and Rise Against Hunger partners, met the children, adults, and elderly citizens whose health and well-being are positively impacted by the meals we pack.

The Ambassadors helped prepare these meals in India at a school for blind and deaf children and danced with seniors at a residence for the elderly in New Delhi. In Haiti, they jumped rope with and served the meals to dozens of schoolkids.

In October of 2019, our second class of Meal Ambassadors went to the Philippines, where they went to rural communities and learned that the meals were used as tools to help budding entrepreneurs lessen the financial burden of food, to build their way out of the hunger cycle.

And now, back in their home countries, the Ambassadors are sharing their unforgettable experiences with their fellow employees as they come up with creative, engaging new ways to help us expand our global meal-packaging events. Inspired by their trip, the Meal Ambassadors knew they wanted to do more. They planned a global meal-packing relay race for World Food Day 2019. We are excited to continue these trips and to grow the Kraft Heinz Meal Ambassador Program with Rise Against Hunger!

World Food Day


On October 16, 2019, World Food Day, Kraft Heinz held a 24-hour global meal-packing relay race in partnership with Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief non-profit organization. The relay race began in Sydney and ended in Chicago. In total, 15 Kraft Heinz offices and factories around the world joined together to pack over one million meals for children and families in need around the globe. Employees from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States all participated.

Each meal included micronutrient powders containing 18 essential vitamins and minerals developed by Kraft Heinz food science and nutrition experts – as well as rice, soy and vegetables.