Supporting parents on their feeding journey.

Infant Nutrition

Infant and Young Children Product Improvement

We are committed to providing better products through reformulation and new developments. We aim to provide more natural products, more fruits and vegetables and smaller serving sizes, and are focused on including positive nutrients. All Kraft Heinz products conform to local laws and codes in the country manufactured and marketed. If national legislation is not available, Kraft Heinz products adhere to the Codex Alimentarius (Codex), a collection of internationally recognized food standards, codes of practice and guidelines.

Plasmon Nutrimune

Kraft Heinz continues to leverage innovation through science-support-evidence and clinical trials. Nutrimune, utilized in milk formula in Italy, offers a unique ingredient derived from a proprietary Lactobacillus paracasei strain that has been clinically shown to help support a healthy immune system in infants and young children.

Plunket Partnership

Plunket is New Zealand’s largest provider of support services for the health and well-being of children under five. Kraft Heinz’s Wattie’s for Baby® and Plunket have an ongoing partnership which has supported New Zealand babies and new parents for almost 30 years.

Wattie’s have a range of baby feeding guides covering topics from starting solids to fussy eating to support parents on their feeding journey. The Wattie’s for Baby careline nutritionists are also available to help with feeding and nutrition information for babies.

Infant Nutrition, Salt and Sugar Reduction

  • 30 percent sugar reduction in Heinz Infant Biscotti – UK
  • Launched Heinz Vegetable-Based Straws as a savoury alternative snack UK
  • Launched Heinz and Wattie’s baby food range including Little Dippers (baby dips made with legumes and vegetables), Little Sprouts (Vegetarian plantbased meals) – Australia, New Zealand
  • Launch of Legumes Range (100 percent vegetable variants) – UK
  • 100 percent Veggies Plasmon babyfood Range (100 percent vegetable ingredients only) – Italy
  • Savory snacking options: Cereal-based extruded products Heinz “So Yummy” Carrot & Pumpkin Big Puffs (UK), Heinz “So Yummy” Veggie Straw (UK)
  • Reformulation of Plasmon Meat, Dessert and Fruit meals (Italy)
  • Reformulation of Heinz “By Nature” Baby Food portfolio (UK)
  • New launch of Heinz Fruit Crush with global sourcing natural raw material, and no flavor/sugar added (China)
  • Russia switched to fruit organic puree in glass last year and continuing this direction in wet category
  • Wholegrain lines within cereals portfolio which deliver natural minerals and vitamins, 100 percent whole grain (Russia)