Sustainable agriculture runs deep in our roots.

We commit to sustainably source 100% of Heinz Ketchup tomatoes by 2025 in accordance with our Sustainable Agriculture Practices.

Sustainable Agriculture

As a food company, Growing Sustainably takes on a very literal meaning, as we recognize the importance of sustainable agriculture in all of our products. Through the work of our experienced agronomists and procurement teams, we are proud to work with our suppliers to advance sustainable agriculture practices knowing that these commodities are integral to our business and to the well-being of our consumers and communities in which we operate.

At Kraft Heinz, sustainable agriculture has been a history of working with growers to drive turnover crops to promote multigenerational fields, increase yield at the field and in processing, drive next generation breeding through our seed business and find ways to increase water efficiency.

Through thorough research in our laboratories and with experienced agronomist teams on the ground, we ensure we stay at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, applying what we learn to additional parts of our business.

The Kraft Heinz Sustainable Agriculture Practices will guide our engagement strategy as Kraft Heinz works toward sustainably sourcing 100 percent of Heinz ketchup tomatoes by 2025. We aim to dig deep In Our Roots to use 150 years of forward-looking, responsible agricultural and human rights practices to build on our agricultural legacy with our farmers. We are committed to bringing forward our sustainability heritage, as Henry J. Heinz (founder of the H.J. Heinz Company) famously noted, “Protect the consumer by owning the product all the way from the soil to the table.”

We are excited to begin reworking this program and commit to sharing our progress.

Cultivating High-Quality Ingredients Globally through Best Practices

Sustainable farming practices do more than save important natural resources. They also have the potential to considerably increase crop yields and provide growers and their families with greater economic opportunity. Since 2000, Kraft Heinz has taken significant steps to strengthen its supply chain by evolving its Sustainable Agriculture Practices Manual and working in partnership with growers to implement those practices.

As a result, Kraft Heinz growers have achieved larger crop yields and higher crop quality in regions around the globe. In Spain, tomato growers enacted the Practices by implementing new soil health procedures, including adding soil enhancers, cover crops and tillage to increase organic matter and water retention. Yields improved from 70 tons of tomatoes per acre a year in 2011 to more than 110 tons per acre in 2019.

Wattie’s, a New Zealand-based brand produced and sold by Kraft Heinz, has forged long-standing relationships with its growers – many of which span multiple generations. Working together over time to implement Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Wattie’s is now able to source 100 percent of its ingredients in a more sustainable way. Simple information-sharing between Kraft Heinz agronomists and growers has proven to be one of the most impactful aspects of the Practices. Thanks to the trust that open and consistent communication builds, Wattie’s growers have optimized water use by implementing innovative tools and irrigation initiatives that use less water.

Of great importance to our Wattie’s brand and customers is that we incorporate a large percentage of New Zealand Grown products. In fact, over eighty percent of Wattie’s produce is grown and picked in New Zealand. Through local sourcing we are also able to ensure the freshness of our produce due to the shorter distances traveled. And as important, the proximity also allows us to work closely with our growers, understanding the environmental impacts they are facing in real time.