Ensuring the quality of our food and the safety of our employees.

A Track Record of Safety

Food Safety and Quality

Kraft Heinz is a globally trusted producer of delicious foods. We take our responsibility with respect to food safety and quality to be of the highest regard, and we will not compromise on it. We all want to have confidence in the products that end up on our plates.

Kraft Heinz strives to not just meet, but to exceed the industry’s standard regulatory checks. We implement a consistent, comprehensive food safety management process across our global supply chain.

Our Quality Risk Management Process is the backbone of the Kraft Heinz Food Safety and Quality program and serves as the best-in-class management system to ensure food is manufactured safely, complies with local regulations and meets or exceeds the quality standards we’ve set for our products. As a result, we maintain low recalls compared to the industry standard, while maintaining high quality and achieving Gold and Platinum accreditations in our factories.

Safety in the Workplace

The Kraft Heinz Company is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure workplace for employees, subcontractors and all people who visit our facilities.Kraft Heinz Safety Process (KHSP) is our framework for health and safety management. The best-practice KHSP management model starts with a baseline of legal and regulatory compliance, then drives continuous improvement toward world-class performance. The KHSP requirements are followed in every country in which Kraft Heinz operates. In locations where a more stringent local requirement exists, we follow those stricter regulations.

We track and measure implementation through internal audits, with results reflected in Management-by-Objectives KPIs and Factory Championship rankings. Due to robust site-level implementation, Kraft Heinz improved its safety KPIs over the last year, representing some of the best results among our food and beverage industry peers.

Total Recordable Incident Rate

Our compiled worldwide Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is a medical incident rate based on the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) record-keeping criteria (injuries per 200,000 hours). 2019 was a very successful year in Worldwide Safety Performance, resulting in a 0.84 TRIR. Kraft Heinz is proud of its safety track record, having delivered year-over-year incident reductions for the past nine years.